About MPBA

MPBA Productions started producing pole bending and barrel racing events in 2009.

Over 3,000 competitors have participated in MPBAProductions events with over $250,000 paid out annually. MPBA Productions often partners with local families and charities to donate a portion of the proceeds from each show to a worthy cause. It isn't unusual to have silent auctions, specialty "fun" games, spaghetti dinners, or T-shirt at our shows.

Join us for an exciting 2019 season!  Charity fundraisers will be part of our 11th Annual Race for the Roses and PEWC Finals!


Spring Challenge - March 15-17, Verndale, MN

Spring Tune Up - April 12-14, Verndale, MN

Race for the Roses - May 3-5, Verndale, MN - Over $33,000 paid out!

Prospector Challenge 1 - May 10-12, Rapid City, SD **Includes Xtreme Barrel Racing Qualifier - Over $25,000 paid out!

Prospector Challenge 2 - May 30/June 1-2, Rapid City, SD

MN Challenge - June 21-23, Verndale, MN **Includes Xtreme Barrel Racing Qualifier

Prospector Challenge Gold Rush Saddle Serles Finals, Verndale, MN **Includes $10,000 Select Stallion Stakes Breeders Futurity Incentive,$5000 Select Stallion Stakes Divisional Incentive, $1000 Xtra BBR member bonus and $1000 PEWC member bonus!

PEWC Finals - October 18-20, Verndale, MN **Includes $10,000 Future Fortunes Incentive and $2000 PEWC member incentive. 

MN Spring Challenge March 13-15  Verndale, MN
IOWA Spring Challenge March 20-22, Cedar Rapids, IA
Spring Tune Up April 17-19  Verndale, MN
12th Annual Race for the Roses  May 1-3  Verndale, MN
PEWC Finals October 17-19 Verndale, MN




Contact MPBA Productions

Verna Hultman
16031 Lake Blvd
Center City, MN 55012

Phone. 612-384-6730

Email: Midwestpolebending@hotmail.com

Snapchat: Midwest Pole Bending
Instagram: Midwest Pole Bending

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